Gurukul Teaching Consultancy
   Shantha Sampath

"Private one to one Maths tuitions delivered by an experienced DBS checked Montessori teacher."

All abstract mathematical concepts are introduced through Hands- On- Learning and sensorial experiences. This develops the logical mind, reasoning and mental math. The Montessori materials provide sensorial impressions of mathematical concepts, beginning with concrete experiences and gradually moving towards the abstract. Once the child is confident and has understood a particular concept, worksheets are slowly introduced. This way, the child can revisit the hands on learning materials if stuck with a problem, without losing the confidence. After enough practice, hands on materials are moved away and the child works on worksheets solely.


After a free one to one assessment, I will prepare lesson plans and learning materials to cater for each individual child. This will give me an idea of the gap in the learning. The assessment duration is short, about 30 minutes. Time to time, children will be sent home with test sheets. Parents will be asked not to give any kind of help to the child. The child's progress will be monitored and recorded. Parents will be requested to sign the 'Terms and Conditions' form before the first tuition assignment commences. So far, all my tutees have been very successful and have gained entrance to schools of their choices.

If you would like to discuss further, you may take an appointment to meet me and I will take this opportunity to brief you more about Gurukul Maths Tuitions.

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Gurukul Tuitions

 3- 7 years: £15/hr
 8- 13 years: £18/hr
Gurukul Tuitions

2, Hampton Court Avenue, East Molesey, Surrey, KT8 0BQ

Tel: 077899 38399


Terms & Conditions

1. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardian to drop off and pick up their child on time. The one-hour teaching session cannot be extended to compensate the late attendance. Tutor will have a second session to attend to. So please respect the time.

2. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardian to inform Gurukul Teaching Consultany, if the child has any learning difficulties, medical conditions, allergies or if taking any medications.

3. At the end of three months, progress chart about the child's sessions will be handed to the parents. Parents must sign and comment their satisfaction or dissatisfaction and return the signed report. A copy of the same will be handed to the parents.

4. Fees to the learning sessions must be paid at the end of each session.

5. If a parent/guardian decides to discontinue with the tuitions, please email Gurukul Tuitions a month in advance, so that your place can be offered to another child. If such a request is not made on time, parents are liable to pay the fees for the whole month.

6. Parents will be required to give their email address and phone numbers, in case to be contacted in emergency.

7. Exercise books and stationery will be provided and must be left behind with the tutor after each session. Only homework or worksheets to be taken home.

8. Complete portfolio of the child's learning journey will be handed to the parents when the child leaves Gurukul Tuitions.

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